Lion Babe: Cosmic Wind

December 23, 2022

Cosmic Wind Keeps Audiences Blown Away

The year is 2019, and you’ve decided to release a project that continues to set you apart sonically from your musical contemporaries. The group hails from New York City, and they have written and produced songs that teeter on the edge of R&B, dance, electronic, rock, and soul. And your group name is just as calm and collected as your musical demeanor. Who are you? You’re Lion Babe, and the musical creation you’ve released is titled Cosmic Wind.

Lion Babe is a dynamic musical duo comprised of the vocally ethereal singer Jillian Hervey, producer, instrumentalist, and partner Lucas Goodman. And despite appearing on the chart only once as the Next Big Sound in 2015, their efforts and musical contributions should not be discounted. Cosmic Wind is considered the group’s sophomore album and was commercially released on March 29, 2019, to stores and digital streaming platforms. Six singles were promoted from the album after its release, featuring creative and visually unique video performances. The only complaint from the mainstream perspective is that their singles needed to be more commercially visible outside a few urban markets.

The album sonically is like a warm hug from an old friend. Beginning with the title track, Cosmic Wind sets the tone for the ethereal vibe that Lion Babe had for this project. The smoothness of Hervey’s voice on this track and the instrumentation provided by Goodman are soothing and welcoming to the vibe. Another surprising gem from the project is Anyway You Want To. Beyond its playful nature, it has a catchy vibe peppered with playful flirtation between the lyrics and the beat. The song Anyway You Want To also serves as a bridge song that succinctly continues the album’s theme of relationships, love, partnership, and the past. When describing their album Cosmic Wind, Lion Babe told that Cosmic Wind was “futuristic nostalgia.”

One final standout amongst the fifteen-track project is Can I See It feat. Bilal. Besides being criminally short, the song’s smooth sounds and soothing vocal exchange could be deemed illegal. Overall, the project rates 10 out of 10 among fans and music lovers. Since Cosmic Wind, Lion Babe has released new projects under the title Rainbow Child, which continue their legacy of uniqueness while showcasing that they know how to honor the musical giants they have drawn inspiration from. If you have checked out this project, in particular, it’s highly recommended, given that it’s a beautiful contribution to the musical space and Lion Babe remains a largely successful and burgeoning indie act.

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