Love Me Back

December 27, 2022

A Soulful Project That Touches on Life’s Realistic Expectations

The soulful and angelic voice behind the 2010s most reflective R&B albums, Jazmine Sullivan, had much to prove on her sophomore project. And what she proved was that not only was she a great storyteller and excellent performer, but she was also just getting started.

Known for her bold and consistently realistic portrayal of life experiences conveyed in her music, she declared that she would be heard and loved.
Love Me Back, released to stores and streaming services on November 29, 2010, donned hearty and rich vocals for which Sullivan is most known. Dubbed contemporary R&B, soul music, pop music, and Hip-Hop Soul, Sullivan left her heart and soul on the album’s tracks. Overall, Love Me Back was described as a therapeutic project for her.

With songs like Excuse Me, it’s easy to listen and hear why she felt the album gave her the therapeutic release she needed. By 2010, Sullivan had already experienced success in the music industry, having released her debut album in 2008 while also possessing impressive writing credits. The song focuses mainly on the effects of being in a relationship that is wildly unfamiliar to her. Relatively understandable if you’ve ever experienced a vastly different and challenging connection prior.

Don’t Make Me Wait continues the sound of old school frequently evoked from Sullivan’s music. With obvious homage to Prince and Aretha Franklin, it makes the song all the more successful aside from its flirtatious lyrics. Lastly, Stuttering, written by Toby Gad and Sullivan, explores what it feels like when you can’t express how you truly feel to a person you admire. Her delivery is not contrived despite being considered a popular expression in love songs.

Beyond the release of Love Me Back, Sullivan has experienced one of her most successful award-winning seasons. She continues to showcase that women have compelling stories and an influential presence in today’s R&B landscape. Since Love Me Back, Sullivan has released two additional albums, with her latest project Heaux Tales being her most groundbreaking and soul-revealing. She will likely continue creating music that speaks to the hearts and experiences of everyday people. And this will continue to garner the support and adoration she deserves and declares.

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