T.K.O: Still knocking Us Out 20 Years Later

Still Knocking Us Out 20 Years Later

As an accomplished actress, dancer, singer, and overall well-rounded performer, Mya has always featured elements of classical dance and hip-hop in her music and performance routines. 

Like many of the R&B starlets of the late 90s, Mya set trends and accomplished several records making her act an influential force in the teen era into early adulthood aesthetic. 

Following her mainstream success from her debut release until her third studio-backed album, Mya decided to take her career into her own hands and release music as an independent artist. Since 2008, she has produced her music on her terms. T.K.O (The Knockout Out) was released on April 20, 2018, providing a taste of the singer’s growth, life experiences, and evolving sound. Her 8th album was released in celebration of the 20th anniversary since she began professionally singing in the industry with her 1998 self-titled debut album. 

By the time she released T.K.O, Mya had successfully transitioned her sound and fanbase in both domestic and international circles, creating a newfound sense of freedom as an artist for herself. In a 2018 interview with Billboard.com, she expressed that certain pressure levels were no longer accessible in her experience because, “I don’t have the pressures of meeting charts or sales. That can make you go gray.” 

T.K.O features 12 songs and runs shy of 41 minutes. Each piece paints a different mood while staying true to the story she decided to portray with her album celebrating her continued liberation as an independent artist while also nodding back to the musical styles and influences that colored her experience and performance flair. 

Having always possessed a mature and sensual tone to her voice since her early twenties, Open featuring GoldLink provided this feeling while showcasing the vocal ability of each artist melodically and methodically riding the rhythmic beat. Another song, With You, captures the idyllic vibe of cuddling and spending time with your partner. 

And as one final standout from T.K.O, If Tomorrow Never Comes is the perfect musical outro track offering a beautiful mid-tempo reminiscent of the 90s R&B favorites. Forever one to show love to her fans and supporters, Mya embarked on a multi-leg tour in 2022 in celebration of her career, music, and her philanthropic efforts. Despite her youthful disposition, Mya is a known veteran in the industry. As her album title suggested, she has and will continue to knock us out with her persistent dedication and passion for her craft. 

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