janet. turns 30!

In honor of one of Janet Jackson’s pivotal releases during the 90s, turning 30 years old tomorrow (May 18th, 2023), I wanted to post one of my favorite songs/videos from the project! Cheers to janet. turning 30, and happy belated birthday to the Queen of Pop, Ms. Janet Jackson, who celebrated her 57th trip around the sun yesterday in Philadelphia with friends and family! Ms. Jackson is still presently on tour with her highly acclamied and successful #TogetherAgainTour and will be continuing to burn up stages across North America until June 21st! I highly recommend going to check out her show!

My Top 5 Songs from janet. (Not in rank order)

  1. You Want This
  2. Throb
  3. If
  4. Any Time, Any Place
  5. New Agenda
Courtesy of Janet Jackson’s Official YouTube Channel

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