Happy Pride Month!

June is a month of many designations, and one of those designations is Pride Month. In honor of Pride Month kicking off, here's the legendary Diana Ross performing I'm Coming Out in 1980. The song, written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, was a tribute to Ross' lgbtq+ fans. https://youtu.be/6CHdKORwPEQ Courtesy of Sophia… Continue reading Happy Pride Month!

In Memoriam…

The legendary and incomparable Ms. Tina Turner passed away nearly one week ago, and Hidden Singles will dedicate a special program show for her and her illustrious musical legacy! Until the show airs, I want to share one of my favorite performances from her musical journey. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/4rFB4nj_GRc Courtesy of Tina Turner Official YouTube Channel

janet. turns 30!

In honor of one of Janet Jackson's pivotal releases during the 90s, turning 30 years old tomorrow (May 18th, 2023), I wanted to post one of my favorite songs/videos from the project! Cheers to janet. turning 30, and happy belated birthday to the Queen of Pop, Ms. Janet Jackson, who celebrated her 57th trip around… Continue reading janet. turns 30!

Sherri Shares Her Reaction to #TogetherAgainTour feat. Janet Jackson and Ludacris

Actress/Comedian/Talk Show Host Sherri Shepherd recently shared her thoughts and experience of the #TogetherAgainTour show at Madison Square Garden this past Monday. Watch the hilarious recap below. Also, check out my thoughts and feelings about recently attending the show in Memphis, TN, via my latest podcast episode now! https://youtu.be/yXXJQlNUn0U Courtesy of Sherri Shepherd Show Official… Continue reading Sherri Shares Her Reaction to #TogetherAgainTour feat. Janet Jackson and Ludacris

T.K.O: Still knocking Us Out 20 Years Later

Still Knocking Us Out 20 Years Later As an accomplished actress, dancer, singer, and overall well-rounded performer, Mya has always featured elements of classical dance and hip-hop in her music and performance routines.  Like many of the R&B starlets of the late 90s, Mya set trends and accomplished several records making her act an influential… Continue reading T.K.O: Still knocking Us Out 20 Years Later

Afrodisiac: 1 of 2 Articles That Sparked Hidden Singles (Throwback)

December 31, 2022 Note: This article was originally written in 2020 and was re-edited for clarity. 2020 brought about many changes, and one of the most noticeable changes was the rediscovery of the past. Many people have been rediscovering talents and passions and revisiting moments they have either neglected or pushed to the side based… Continue reading Afrodisiac: 1 of 2 Articles That Sparked Hidden Singles (Throwback)

Love Me Back

December 27, 2022 A Soulful Project That Touches on Life's Realistic Expectations The soulful and angelic voice behind the 2010s most reflective R&B albums, Jazmine Sullivan, had much to prove on her sophomore project. And what she proved was that not only was she a great storyteller and excellent performer, but she was also just… Continue reading Love Me Back

Rose In The Dark Blooms Beautifully

December 23, 2022 Rose in the Dark Blooms Beautifully Since the world first stopped from the pandemic crisis, many artists and musicians have been inspired and more creative than ever before. An artist that continues to show inspirational growth and dimension is Cleo Sol. The soulful 2020 album Rose in the Dark emphasizes representational references… Continue reading Rose In The Dark Blooms Beautifully

Lion Babe: Cosmic Wind

December 23, 2022 Cosmic Wind Keeps Audiences Blown Away The year is 2019, and you've decided to release a project that continues to set you apart sonically from your musical contemporaries. The group hails from New York City, and they have written and produced songs that teeter on the edge of R&B, dance, electronic, rock,… Continue reading Lion Babe: Cosmic Wind


December 2, 2022 Brandy Reminds Us She's Human Aside from having an otherworldly voice that can soothe your soul and cause you to melt under the rich velvet texture, Brandy's 2008 album Human reminds us that she is, in fact, human. Human was released internationally and domestically on December 5, 2008, and March 2009. The… Continue reading Human

One In A Million

November 25, 2022 The One and Only-LIYAH The number seven is considered the number of completion. In just seven short years, singer/actress/model and forever cultural icon Aaliyah Haughton made such an impact on the world that it truly is remarkable to think that it was all accomplished by the tender age of 22. Five years… Continue reading One In A Million

November Nostalgia Week: Day 5

Happy Friday! Hopefully, you've had a wonderful holiday break and or season thus far! Today we end November Nostalgia Week with this nostalgic classic. Here's the Great Pumpkin Waltz by Vince Guaraldi Trio. https://youtu.be/uINn4mkqL0M Courtesy of Vince Guaraldi Official YouTube Channel